Choose Your Own Financial Adventure

October 5, 2015


When I was a kid, I avoided reading any of those “choose your own adventure” books. You know, the ones that ask you to make a decision at the end of each chapter, which determines the next part of the plot, the next phase of your character’s life and, ultimately, the ending of the story. I chose not to read any of them, because I hated knowing I’d have to skip past many of the other stories and never know the other possible outcomes of the book.

What was I going to miss out on!? What if one of the chapters I skipped was the best one in the entire book? What if that chapter took me down a better path, with a better outcome than the one I’d chosen? And what if I felt like I’d made a mistake and couldn’t go back in time to fix it? I didn’t want to make the wrong choices and deal with any regrets, so I opted not to read the books at all – and deciding to do nothing is a mistake I made many times in my life after that, especially when it came to my finances.

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September 2015 Budget & Shopping Ban Update

October 1, 2015


Ahhhhhhh… <– that’s the sigh of relief I let out, as I sat down to write this. September felt like one of the longest and shortest months of this entire year; short because it flew by, long because it seemed like all I did was work. Whenever a friend asked what I was doing, I usually said “working” to which they often replied “do you ever take a day off!?” I don’t like feeling that busy, but I hustled this month for a reason – and it was about more than just making money. I’ll explain more on Monday, but for now let’s look at how my budget worked out (including my latest net worth update).

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Adventures in Experientialism: Why I Gave Up Buying Things to Travel

September 21, 2015


This is a guest post by my friend Anthony Ongaro.

It was a dark and stormy February night, or at least a cold Minnesota winter night, if I recall correctly, when it all came together. It had been a long time since I had traveled anywhere. Winters are long here in Minneapolis and it was definitely starting to get to me. Months of below freezing temperatures tend to make a person go stir crazy after a while.

Traveling has always been one of my favorite things to do, but in recent years it just seemed like I could never quite pull it together to go on fun adventures with friends and family. The weird part was that I wasn’t in debt, yet always seemed to have barely enough money at the end of the month. No particular purchases stood out as being expensive or particularly high in amount, so I was struggling to figure out where all the money was going.

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