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Our East Coast Adventure: Washington, DC

June 1, 2015
Warm Welcome from the Ritz-Carlton in Washington, DC

Ok, friends – this is the last recap of our trip and then I promise to get back to regularly scheduled programming. Before our trip, and even throughout it, more and more people told me they had plans to visit either Philly or DC soon, so I hope these can give you a few ideas of things to do or places to eat!

Last Wednesday, Sarah and I drove from Philly down just past DC to visit J$ in his hometown. We got to hang out with his wife and kids (and snuggle with J. Nickel!) then grabbed lunch downtown and got a few history lessons re: the area from J.

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Our East Coast Adventure: Philadelphia

May 29, 2015

Where did we last leave off on the recap of our adventure? Oh yes, our road trip to Philadelphia! On Monday afternoon, we picked up our rental car and left NYC. As we were driving through New Jersey, Sarah remembered that Princeton University wasn’t far off from the highway, so we decided to make a quick detour and check out yet another Ivy League school.

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Our East Coast Adventure: Sick in NYC

May 27, 2015

On Saturday morning, I woke up in Boston with what was only the beginning of a wicked head cold (that I still have today). I grabbed a box of cold/flu meds on our way down to South Station, popped it on the Amtrak and napped for part of the train ride back to NYC. We got in around 5:30pm and were both starving. In the mood for sushi, a quick Google search pointed us to MEW in Koreatown, which was just a short walk from Penn Station.

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