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Update: April 2014 Budget & Goals

April was month I had to fork out $500 for a wedding and still decided to spend money on myself. There's a lot of red in this budget, but the one positive I can share is that I paid for everything with cash. Still, let's see how the month finished up...

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April 2014 Budget & Goals

The last of three very expensive months is here! With a little bit of travel, and a whole whack of bridesmaid expenses, I’m two parts excited and one part anxious to see how this month will be. But you'll see that I can't meet my savings goals again...

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Update: April 2013 Budget & Goals

I know April isn't quite over yet, but there's no point in waiting to share the fact that I sucked at tracking my spending this month. I was doing really good up until about the 20th. After that, I just decided to give up...

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