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Update: April 2014 Budget & Goals

April 30, 2014

april 2014 budget

REMEMBER: You can download this budget template!

Oh, April. The month in which I had to fork out $500 for a wedding and still decided to spend money on myself. There’s a lot of red in this budget, but the one positive I can share is that I did pay for everything with cash. Still, let’s see how the month finished up…

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April 2014 Budget & Goals

April 7, 2014

april 2014 budget

REMEMBER: You can download this budget template!

The last of three very expensive months is here! With a little bit of travel, and a whole whack of bridesmaid expenses, I’m two parts excited and one part anxious to see how this month will be.

Starting from the top, you’ll see that, once again, my savings goals will not be met. I have a separate spreadsheet to keep track of my original savings goals for the year and the actual amounts I’ve saved, and the numbers don’t come close to matching up. I’m going to wait until the end of this month to decide how I want to adjust my goals going forward. For now, all I can do is save what little amount I can.

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Update: April 2013 Budget & Goals

April 29, 2013

April 2013 Actual Budget

I know April isn’t quite over yet, but there’s no point in waiting to share the fact that I sucked at tracking my spending this month. I was doing really good up until about the 20th. After that, I lost track of what I had spent a bunch of cash on, and I got so frustrated trying to remember that I just decided to give up.

The good news (no, the best news!) is that I stayed on track with my debt repayment goal. I’m posting rough estimates of the rest of my spending, simply because I love being able to see how much money I put towards debt this month. As I said in my last post, I’ll be making my last debt repayment next month. (WOO HOO!) But I shouldn’t start the party just yet… let’s see what I think my spending looked like this month.

In April, 36% of my spending went towards debt repayment. Another 20% went into savings (although my apartment and upcoming weddings are more like planned spending than savings). The leftover 44% was divided up between all of my expenses – and there were some big ones!

First off, I barely ate at home this month. I spent almost half of April in Vancouver, which is where a huge chunk of my Restaurant total came from. Speaking of being in Vancouver, I only expected to jump on the ferry home once this month, but I ended up going over for a quick trip mid-month as well, and taking the ferry is now $66.75 each way for a car + 1 person. Yikes. Oh, and you see my Personal Care budget? Yea, I may or may not have done some shopping in April.

Now, obviously my biggest overage is in my Misc./Cash category. Off that $850, $500 covered the security deposit at my new apartment, $60 or $70 is parking fees, and I also purchased a few gifts this month. And then there’s the cash that I lost track of… ugh.

Even though my total spending looks intense, nearly $700 of that was taken out of my Future Apartment savings account. Oh, and I also got a random cheque in the mail from my last job (retro pay) for $243. So, in the end, I only went over budget by $100 or so. I think, anyway…

Goals for this month:

  • Find an apartment for May 1st and coordinate my move – PASS! I’m moving in on Sunday!
  • Spend quality time with family and friends – PASS! And some new friends too.
  • Track my weekly spending – FAIL! Obvious.
  • Read 2 books – FAIL! I read most of Wild by Cheryl Strayed, but I’m not quite done yet.
  • Start my half marathon training – PASS! Errr, kinda anyway. Slowly but surely.

How did your month finish up?