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I’m Finally Saving for a Question Mark


After I made my final debt repayment in May 2013, it took a couple months for me to decide what my first big savings goal would be. I knew I wanted an Emergency Fund, but I wasn’t immediately confident I would be able to save five figures. Up until that point, the most I’d managed to save (and eventually spent) was somewhere in the $3,000 range, so $10,000 seemed like a stretch. It took 17 months, ┬ábut I finally topped it up to $10,000 in November 2014.

For the past two months, I’ve found myself back in that state of limbo re: deciding what my next savings goal should be. I’ve been standoffish about the topic of saving a down payment and buying a home, for years, which I can see now is probably because it has never been tangible. It’s still not within my reach, nor is it at the forefront of my thoughts, but I think I’m finally ready to at least start talking about (and saving for) it… here goes.

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Are the Experts Killing Our Savings Potential?

Growing up, I feel like one of the most common phrases I heard was to "save 10%". I heard it from loved ones, the media and even the experts. And I can't help but wonder how different our financial situations might be if we'd been told this instead...

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Why You Must Make Peace with Your Financial Situation

Based on hundreds of conversations I've had with people about money, I'd say it's probably more common than not for us to wish we were in better financial situations, which makes us hate the ones we're currently in. I'm finally realizing...

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