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Intentional Living: Weekly Update


I’m in Toronto for work this week. It’s cold. Like the wind takes your breath away cold. Zip your jacket up over your chin and still prepare for it to go numb cold. But there’s not much snow. Just that darn wind that makes -10°C feel like -25°C. Brrr…

Despite the cold, it’s still been a great few days. The company I work for brought together a group of personal finance bloggers to go over some of the new tools on our site. I got to fly here with Krystal, hangout with Bridget, Jess and Jordann. It was so nice to see friendly faces at’s event last night, and finally meet a handful of people I’d only connected with online before.

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TGIF: Travelling is Not Glamorous


Travelling is not glamorous. There are red eye flights where you’re stuck sitting next to babies who kick you every 20 minutes. Layovers. Short layovers where you’re running from one plane to the next. Long layovers where you eat or drink too much. So many layovers. There are cab drivers who scream at you and then share TMI about their personal lives. Clear mornings that turn into rainy afternoons, which you’re not prepared for in canvas shoes. Cold, wet feet. Red noses and cheeks. All the shivers. Wet clothes that start to smell and have to be packed that way. Then there are cabs that charge 2.8x the normal fare during peak hours. Cold, wet feet again, because you didn’t learn your lesson the first time. Flight cancellations. Flight delays. Credit system failures at airports, which make you regret spending your last $5 bill on a mocha versus food. Further flight delays. And there are even days where you don’t eat your first meal until 9 o’clock at night.

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TGIF: To Kingston and Home I Go

I can't believe this trip to Toronto is already coming to an end; it feels like I just got here! Fortunately, my crazy week was split up by a fun night with a big group of friends and strangers. On Wednesday, Jess and I hosted a meet-up...

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